Unit 1 Lesson 4 Family family.gif
Model Comment tu t’appelles?and ask the children to repeat. Reinforce pronunciation by getting children to respond in different voice tones and at different speeds. Ask the children if they can think of another word containing the sound u (salut).

Play the guessing game (see activity file adjacent)
Using pictures of a famous family such as The Simpsons, point to one family member & say Bonjour, je m’appelle … (Hello, I am called …) Encourage the class to add the character’s name by hesitating or by the tone of your voice. Repeat with the remaining pictures.
La famille Simpson

Take on the role of one of the characters and list your family members, eg Je m’appelle Lisa Simpson. Voici ma mère, voici mon père, voici ma soeur, voici mon frère. (I am called Lisa Simpson. Here is my mother, here is my father, here is my sister, here is my brother.)

Show the written form of the four family words and point out the accents. How do they change the sound of the letter 'e' ?Show the children père and frère and ask them if they can predict how to write mère. Have they spotted the rhyming pattern?

Madamec's IWB notebook

Print out this worksheet and hand out to the more confident children in the class (you may find with some groups all the children will want to have a go) They must go around the class asking each other in French 'As-tu des frères ou des sœurs?' If a child answers 'un frère' then you colour in the first block in the column marked 'un frère' and so on until eventually every child will have built their own bar chart, block by block.

Simple tree to complete:

Extension: Play Happy Families (see adjacent).Remind children of the letters of the alphabet (see activity in lesson 3)
Happy Families
Finish the session by waving and saying Au revoir.