Unit 1 Lesson 5 Number numbers.gif
Recap last lesson - ask children to present their family members to the class using photos or drawings
Some children may prefer to introduce a fantasy family or take on the
role of someone in a celebrity family.
Use large digit cards, dice or number fans to introduce numbers 1–10.
Introduce 1-6 using BBC website
and later 7-12
Play Montrez-moi (Show Me), Morpion (Noughts and Crosses) and Répétez si c’est vrai (Repeat if it’s True).
For Répétez si c’est vrai, hold up a digit card and say a number. If the number corresponds to the digit card, the children repeat it. If not, they remain silent.
Introduce a number song for extra practice.

Song to practise numbers
In pairs, children practise numbers to six by taking turns throwing a die and saying the number.

Dictate individual numbers to 10 and ask children to write them on mini-whiteboards.

Play Loto (Bingo) to reinforce numbers to 10.
Strip Bingo: Give each child a strip of paper and fold in half 3 times
so that the strip now has 8 distinct spaces. In each space children draw
a number. They can use the same number more than once if they wish.
When all finished play bingo. As teacher calls out a number in French,
child can ONLY tear it off if the number is at the END of their strip of
paper (ie. not if it is in the middle) - this means the game can be played
with fewer numbers and children have to listen out for the numbers
more than once.
Click here for online number pairs game.
Extension: Try some quick-fire calculations using number and subtraction facts to 10.
Lots of online activities for numbers to ten http://www.languagenut.com/en/trynow/#/fr/unit1/section5
Finish the session by waving and saying Au revoir.