Unit 1 Lesson 6 Ages party-balloons.gif
Recap last lesson - ask children to count to ten forwards and backwards in French.
09 numbers 1 to 10.mp3
Invite a child to the front and ask them to hold a picture of a birthday balloon, card or cake. Introduce the question Quel âge as-tu? (How old are you?)
Model the sentence J’ai sept ans (I am seven). Ask the
question to the class and they chorus the reply. Ask individual children. Repeat with J’ai huit ans.
Some children may respond to the question Quel âge as-tu? by giving the number only or holding up a digit card.
external image pdf.png Numbers 0-10 flashcards.pdf
In small groups, children pass the question on to the next child, who responds and then passes it on again..

Children practise a question-and-answer dialogue in pairs.

Give pairs of children cut-up strips of paper with written language from this unit.
Ask each pair to order the strips correctly to make a simple conversation between two children. Invite some pairs to read their conversations aloud.
Beginner phrases game
Brainstorm - what words have we learnt this half-term? Which ones are the easiest to remember?
vocabulary from unit 1

Lots more activities to practise this unit on the Staffs website
Finish the session by waving and saying Au revoir.