Unit 2 Lesson 1 Farmer in his den Farmericon.png
Play or sing Le Fermier dans son Pré. Do children recognise the song and what it is about?
Invite the class to listen again and find the equivalent to Eee eye addy-oh in French.
Le fermier dans son pre Youtube

Show a flashcard or prop as you say the word for each of the characters.
This ppt is adapted from the Staffs website where there are lots more resources for this unit

madamec's IWB file
Reinforce by playing games such as Kim’s Game with the flashcards.

right click this zip file to save to your computer, then click 'extract all files' . It contains flashcards and finger pupper resources from the excellent Maternelle de moustache
Focus on the sounds é (ohé, pré) and er (fermier)

Talk about the similarities & differences between the French and English versions of the song.
Background to the song
Sing the song with actions. Children form a circle around the 'farmer'. They hold hands and go around in a circle singing the song. At the end of the first verse the farmer chooses his ‘wife’ from the circle, who then joins the other child in the middle. The song continues with the last child chosen selecting the character from the next verse. The child who plays the ‘mouse’ is the farmer in the next round.

Extension: Label pictures of the characters for a class display. This is a chance for children to practise copying French words accurately.
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