Unit 3 Lesson 2 Birthdays birthday_icon.png

Show a DVD clip or still image of birthday celebrations.
Blow out the candles YouTube clip
Invite children to sing Joyeux anniversaire to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday to You’.
Happy Birthday sung by Boowa and Kwala
Introduce the months of the year with picture flashcards plus a song, rhyme, DVD clip or story so that children can hear the words.

Say the months of the year again and group children into birthday months.

PowerPoint to introduce months of the year in French, with sound to aid pronounciation. Remember, when writing the months of the year in french, they do NOT have capital letters at the start. Look carefully at how the accents change the sound of the word - it's décembre (day-som-br) not dee-som-bra (as the é makes an ay sound).
Each birthday group practises saying their month by chanting it softly.
Ask each group to sit down / stand up as you call out their month.
Game to practise months from digital dialects

There are more resources on the Staffs website
Model the phrase Mon anniversaire est en … (My birthday is in …) and children repeat. Each birthday group then uses the phrase to chorus Mon anniversaire est en …

Hold up flashcards for the months in random order and the relevant birthday group says their sentence.
the j sound
Phonic focus: j sound - see activity adjacent.