Unit 3 Lesson 3 Sentences sentences_icon.jpg

Revise birthday months and Mon anniversaire est en
Click this link to play an online game of snakes & ladders in French to practise the months of the year and sentences from this unit.
You can play on your own or with up to 4 players
Explain to the children that they are going to play some party games in French:
Play Musical Statues using verbs from 3.1 Play the music and, when it stops, call out a sentence, eg Je nage bien.
The children freeze as a statue to show the verb.

Play the game again and, when you call out a sentence, show a large text card at the same time.

Play the game Stations by placing the text cards around the room:
Read them out to the children as you stick them on the walls. Play the music. When it stops, children choose one of the cards to stand next to. Using a second, smaller set of cards, ask a child to choose one and read it out. All children standing next to that sentence card are out.

Play Pass the Parcel:
Put the small text cards in a feely bag and play some music. Children (sitting in a circle) pass the bag around and, when the music stops, the child with the bag pulls out a card, reads it out and chooses another child to mime the action.
There are more resources on the Staffs website