Unit 3 Lesson 5 Verbs verbsicon.png

Sports day:
• Introduce Je peux … (I can …)
Note for teachers re grammar - if we were pedantic we ought to use Je sais + the infinitive in the context below but as we intend to build to common phrases in classroom context using 'je peux...?' it makes more sense to use this throughout.
By doing the actions, introduce some verbs connected to sports day activities, eg Je peux + sauter, courir, sauter à la corde, lancer le ballon, attraper le ballon (I can jump, run, skip, throw the ball, catch the ball). For each new verb, children devise their own mime. You say a verb and children mime it, and vice versa.


Perform a Mexican Wave to practise pronunciation.

Play Jacques a dit (Simon Says) with the new verbs.

In the hall, introduce a selection of sports day activities, eg
– simple running races
– standing long jump
– in pairs or against a wall, throwing and catching a ball up to 12 times without dropping it, counting in French
– skipping up to 12 jumps, counting in French.
There are more resources on the Staffs website