Unit 3 Lesson 6 Champions trophyicon.gif

Set up the same activities as in Lesson 5. Revise Je sais courir (I can run). Children chorus this. Repeat with the other verbs.
3.5 verbs
Explain that, in French, if you want to ask permission to do an activity, you can do so by making your sentence into a question by raising your voice at the end. Practise this, eg Je peux courir? (Can I run?), also indicating that you are asking a question through your body language and facial expression. Repeat with the other verbs, with children chorusing.

Explain that it is also polite to say s’il te plaît (please) and practise the above activity again, with this addition.

In pairs, children decide on which activity they would like to ask to do and practise their response.
Click the link to play another fun game by R.Lloyd from Sutton High MFL
This time to practise sentences about how well you can swim/play football etc.
Introduce the question Qu’est-ce que tu veux faire? (What would you like to do?)
Ask this to some individual children, to elicit responses such as Je peux sauter? (Can I jump?)
Less confident children could simply show a picture card in response.
Ask children to sit by their chosen activity and ask some individual children in turn Qu’est-ce que tu veux faire? to elicit the response Je peux …? (Can I ...?)
There are more resources on the Staffs website
Each group in turn carries out their activity while the rest of the class encourage with praise words.
If there are winners from each group, they are congratulated by the class with Tu es un génie! (You are a genius!) or Bravo!

Children then copy-write a sentence using the construction Je peux + infinitive. Je suis un génie! (I am a genius!) to label a drawing of themselves running, skipping, etc.

Extension: Some children may be encouraged to ask permission to do things, such as Je peux aller aux toilettes / manger / ouvrir la fenêtre? (Can I go to the toilet / eat / open the window?)