Unit 4 Lesson 3 Faces smiley-faces4.gif

Drawing a face:
• Use portraits by well-known artists to revise orally the parts of the head and face learnt in Lesson 1
PowerPoint introduction with portraits

Introduce the written words for the parts of the face and head.
• Display picture flashcards or interactive whiteboard images and play a game where children match pictures to text.
Matching games Boos Face
Matching games Mikes Face
Play Touchez l’image. Pictures of parts of the head and face are displayed on the board. The class is divided into two teams. One child from each team stands at the board and when you show the written word, the children race to touch the corresponding picture.

Allow children opportunities to listen, look and say singular and plurals of parts of the head, face and body

Revise or introduce numbers to five in French. Reinforce with flashcard matching games.

Play the Draw the Face Battleships game with the class divided into two teams.
Extension: Play the Draw the Face Battleships game in pairs or small groups.

Challenge the children to create combinations of colours and body parts containing the same phoneme, eg. genoux rouges, bouche rouge, cheveux bleus, yeux bleus, épaules jaunes.