Unit 4 Lesson 4 Monsters monstericon.jpg

Revise bodyparts and colours from previous lessons

Play Répétez si c’est vrai (Repeat if it’s True). Hold up a picture card or point to a part of the body and name it. If you give the correct name, the children repeat it. If you deliberately give the wrong name, they must remain silent.
Label the grand monster vert
Read a story with a focus on either colour or body parts. Children can listen and respond by pointing to parts of the body or holding up colour cards as they are mentioned.
Read 'Va-t'en Grand Monstre Vert' by Ed Emberley,
Use a visualiser or webcam so whole class can see the book
Children listen to the story again and chorus familiar language.

Divide the class into two teams to play Brico-monstre (Monster Beetle). (see template in Maternelle de moustache)
Extension: Children play the beetle game in pairs or small groups.
or try the maternelle de moustache simplified monster trumps game
mix a gruesome magic potion online
Encourage Children design their own monsters and label body parts and colours in French.
practise bodyparts with robots game

or try these body part dice from Ecole D'Herrin: