Unit 4 Lesson 5 People peopleicon.jpg

• To practise picking out words for parts of the body & to listen out for the sound ou, children listen to and join in with the song Savez-vous Planter les Choux? (‘Do You Know How to Plant Cabbages?’) Children make a planting action to show the part of the body in each verse.
Savez vous planter les choux
Choose one boy and one girl to come to the front. Using colourful wigs, teach Il/Elle a les cheveux bleus (He/She has blue hair), for example. Describe another feature in the same way.
Ask the children to compare and discuss the use of Il/Elle a … Continue describing the children in this way.
Revise body/face parts quickly usig peinturefle

Ask the children to complete sentences started by you, eg Elle a … (the children select one feature to complete the sentence).

Select two boys and two girls to come to the front. Describe the hair and eye colour of a child with brown or black hair, using Il/Elle a
• Then describe a child who has blonde hair. How did the class work out which child was being described? Elicit recognition of the unfamiliar cognate blonds.
LLS: Cognates - words that look or sound similar in English
Play Guess Who? by inviting six to eight children to the front of the class and describing one of them. Using gesture, bring in some additional language such as Il/Elle est grand(e)/petit(e). The children guess the identity of the child being described.

Model this a few times and then ask confident children to lead the game. Allow some children to use labelled prompt cards for support.

Use pictures/portraits of famous French people or Francophiles past and present to reinforce describing physical features.