Unit 5 Lesson 1 Story of the four friends apple_tree_icon.jpg

The Four Friends:
• Use flashcards, props or an interactive whiteboard presentation to tell the story 'Les quatre amis'. Ask children to join in with toc, toc! (knock, knock!) as they become familiar with the story.

• Work on some mimes to secure understanding and pronunciation of the animal words:
  • le cheval (the horse),
  • le mouton (the sheep),
  • le lapin (the rabbit),
  • la souris (the mouse):
– you give an animal word and children mime as a class
– you ask individual children to mime and you respond with an animal word
– you mime and the class chorus an animal word
– you ask individual children to give an animal word and you respond with a mime.

• Extension: More confident children can be asked to lead the mimes.

Read the story again and, this time, children join in with toc, toc! and animal mimes.
• Play Pouces (Heads Down, Thumbs Up).

This PPT is a full text version of the story of Les Quatre Amis from Staffordshire LA.
There is an option to read an English transcript on every page if you wish, though direct word-for-word translation is NOT to be encouraged. The aim is for children to get the gist of the story and perhaps listen out for the names of the animals.
Additional resources including flashcards can also be downloaded from this link

or try this powerpoint version of the story 'Les Quatre Amis' read aloud in French.
To hear each page click on the sound icon.