Unit 5 Lesson 4 Animals & verbs hopicon.jpg

Display nine pictures (animals, verbs and colours from the story) and divide the class into two teams. Children score a point by selecting a picture and saying the correct word.

• Play Pass the Parcel by placing toy animals or pictures in a bag and text cards for the four verbs (galope, trottine, sautille, court) in a pile. Play some music. When the music stops, ask the child holding the bag to take out an animal. The child to their left picks a card. They hold them up for the class to see. Ask the class, for example, Est-ce que le cheval sautille? and introduce the negative Non, le cheval ne sautille pas. Accept oui/non but encourage answers in sentences if appropriate.

• Use an interactive whiteboard or ‘human sentence’ to show how the negative is formed with ne … pas.

• Encourage children to repeat these sentences with gestures.

• Introduce some additional verbs, eg danse, chante, nage (see Unit 3). With a partner, children choose an animal and a verb. They practise a mime to illustrate a simple sentence, eg Le lapin danse.

• Invite volunteers to show their mime and the class guess the sentence.

• Extension: Explore musical excerpts to represent animals and verbs.
flashcards for animas and verbs