Unit 5 Lesson 5 The Story bookicon.gif

Re-read the story, with children doing actions and mimes to aid understanding.
• In preparation for performing the story, focus on suitable repetitive extracts for choral speaking (see below). Children listen to the story and memorise the repetitive language.
Use clapping to reinforce the rhythm of phrases, eg:
Quelle belle pomme rouge. Je voudrais bien manger la belle pomme rouge.
Je vais chercher mon ami(e)….
Toc, toc, toc. Qui est là?
Viens m’aider s’il te plaît.
Alors les deux amis retournent au pommier.
Croc, croc, croc.
Play Secret Signal. Two children leave the room, while the rest of the class choose a signal, eg a wink or scratch of nose, and a signaller. Choose two of the story extracts (see examples above). The children come back in and the class repeat the first extract continuously until the signal is given, at which point the class switch to repeating the second extract. The two children try to spot who is making the signal.
• Divide the class into four and give each group one extract to practise. They will recite this in a class performance
The story of the four friends

You can also download an IWB resource for the story with soundifles in Fr/Ger or Sp from Wendy Adeniji's website Training for Learning which might be interesting to compare languages - can they pick out the nouns/colours in Sp/Ger?