Unit 6 Lesson 1 Vegetables icon_vegetables.jpg

Present about six vegetables that can be grown in a garden

Pin flashcards of vegetables around the room. Call out the name of a vegetable and ask children to point to the correct picture. Extend to play Morpion (Noughts and Crosses) on the IWB or using flashcards.

Say the words and invite children to repeat. Perform a Mexican Wave, chanting each word in turn, as a photo or real vegetable is passed around the class.


Give a selection of vegetables to groups of children to taste. After tasting eachvegetable, introduce the question Qui aime … ? (Who likes … ?) Explain what the question means and discuss an appropriate response. Then ask

Qui aime les tomates?(Who likes tomatoes?) and so on. Children raise their hands to indicate their response.

Ask individual children the question, this time using Tu aimes …? Elicit oui/nonresponses. When children are ready to do so, move on to replies that involve j'aime orje n'aime pas
Game to practise months from digital dialects

There are more resources on the Staffs website
Children work in pairs, using up to four picture cards of vegetables. One child points to a vegetable and the other says the question in French, in addition to pointing to the picture card.

As children become confident, introduce n’aime pas …
Make a sentence aliens like food game
Children can take pictures of each other holding pictures of different vegetables and show by their expression whether they like them or not. Superimpose speech bubbles on the pictures, eg Je n’aime pas les haricots. Display the photographs in class

Extension: Extend questions and answers by revising Oui, j’aime.Oui, j’aime … or Non! Some children will be able to try Oui, j’aime beaucoup! (Yes, I like it a lot!) Non, je n'aime pas (No, I don’t like …). or even pas du tout!