ORACY – By end of YEAR 3 (First year of learning) children should;
  • Enjoy listening to & speaking in the language.
  • Listen and respond to familiar spoken words, phrases & sentences.
  • Communicate with others using simple words and phrases & short sentences.
  • Understand conventions such as taking turns to speak, valuing the contribution of others.
  • Use correct pronunciation in spoken work.

Literacy – end of Year 3
  • Recognise & understand some familiar words & phrases in written form.
  • Read aloud in chorus, with confidence & enjoyment, from a known text.
  • Write some familiar simple words using a model. (ie. copy)
  • Write some familiar words from memory.

Inter-cultural Understanding – by end of Year 3
  • Appreciate the diversity of languages spoken within their school.
  • Talk about the social conventions of their own & different cultures. (eg.greetings)
  • Identify the country or countries where the language is spoken.
  • Have some contact with the country/countries. (Could be using dvd/video or webcam at this stage)
  • Recognise a children’s song, rhyme or poem well known to native speakers.

If you do not have a copy of the KS2 Framework, you can order it or download it direct from this link:

To help you with tracking & assessment you can download a set of targeteer style stickers covering every single objective for year 3 from the KS2 Framework in simple child-friendly descriptions here.

They are based on Superstickers 'Targeteer' stickers for Literacy, Numeracy or Science objectives. I use a sheet of stickers per child and as they work through objectives I give them the stickers to place at the start of selected pieces of work. You can easily tell which children have missed any objectives over the course of a year by which stickers are left on their sheet unused. Children can work through the targets in any order you (or they?) choose and they are easy to find when flicking through workbooks. I have tried to write them in child-friendly language & appropriate National Curriculum level achieved if successfully completed. 'Year 3' is for those in their first year of learning a Language so could be used with Year 6 or Year 2 if it is their first year of language learning. You do not have to use every sticker & can edit them if you want. Use the 'find and replace' tool (in edit) to change the references for French to Spanish or German. Print on Universal labels, A4 sheet of 24 labels 64mm x 34mm