Unit 2 Jeux et chansons (Games and songs)
In this unit children listen and respond to a French version of ‘The Farmer’s in His Den’, but you could substitute an alternative. Children learn numbers to 20 and play familiar playground games. They follow simple instructions for making a game of Conkers, although you could choose a different activity in which children listen & respond to instructions (or use as an opportunity to introduce classroom instructions).

• Numbers 11–20
• Understanding simple instructions
• Expressing preference
• Singular and plural nouns
• Phonic focus: é, er, ez; silent -s in simple plurals; on, oi

Download overview of unit as a pdf: Click to see the vocabulary from unit 2

The unit is divided into 6 lessons:
Farmericon.png 2.1 Farmer in his den
farmicon.png 2.2 Plurals & numbers
card_gamesicon.png 2.3 Playing games
conkersikon.gif 2.4 Instructions
20icon.png 2.5 Numbers to 20
PlayGround.gif 2.6 More games