Unit 4 Portraits (describing faces, links with art & colours)
In this unit children learn the names for main parts of the body and describe colours. They ask and answer questions about physical appearance.
• Making simple statements (about appearance)
• Giving a simple description (of a person)
Adjectives: agreement and position
• avoir: j’ai, il/elle a (I have, he/she has)
• être: il/elle est (he/she is)
• Phonic focus: ou, eu
Download overview of unit as a pdf: Click here for vocabulary from unit 4

The unit is divided into 6 lessons:
Skeleton.png 4.1 Bodyparts
coloursicon.jpg 4.2 Colours
smiley-faces4.gif4.3 Faces
monstericon.jpg4.4 Monsters
peopleicon.jpg4.5 People
picasso17SelfPortrait1907.jpg4.6 Self-portraits

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