Unit 5 The Four Friends (short simple descriptions, sentences & some animals)
  • QCA Unit 5 - Les quatre amis - responding to a story
  • Animals - just a few not lots of pets!
  • simple descriptions of animal (colour/size)
  • Simple sentence with noun (animal) & verb eg Le mouton court.
    Phonic focus: on, ch
Download overview of unit as a pdf: click here for vocabulary from unit 5

The unit is divided into 6 lessons:
There is also a ready-made ASSET assessment pack for this unit
apple_tree_icon.jpg5.1 Story of 4 friends
sheepicon.jpg5.2 Some animals
animalcoloursicon.gif5.3 animals & colours
hopicon.jpg5.4 animals & verbs
bookicon.gif5.5 The story
performanceicon.png5.6 Performance

Click here for blogpost by Judy Carruthers about doing this unit with her class