Unit 6 Ça pousse! - Growing things (links with science - plants, likes & dislikes of food)
In this unit children learn
  • the names of some vegetables grown in a garden
  • to say which they like and dislike.
  • to describe the life cycle of a plant in French
  • and work on the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.
  • Extension: Children learn how to say what they would like to buy in a market and order in a restaurant.

Download overview of unit as a pdf: click here for the vocabulary from unit 6

The unit is divided into 6 lessons:
icon_vegetables.jpg6.1 Vegetables
icon-seedling.png6.2 Plant life
jackbeanstalk.gif6.3 Jack & the beanstalk
leading_for_learning_icon.jpg6.4 Learning strategies
icon_market.jpg6.5 Market day
shopping_cart%20green.png6.6 Market Role-play