Unit 1 Lesson 1 Introductions franceicon.png

Tell the class about languages that you speak or have contact with.
This information could be made into a chart in maths
Invite children to have a similar discussion with their talk partner and report back to the class.

Ask class where in the world English is spoken. Use the interactive map to show some of these places.
Explain that the class will be learning French and ask if they know where this is spoken. Use the resource adjacent to show these countries.
Introduce Bonjour! (Hello!) and Salut! (Hi!) as you shake children’s hands around the room. Consolidate with a song or DVD clip. Encourage children to go around the room greeting others.
Try this cartoon introduction from BBC schools http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryfrench/hello/cartoon_flash.shtml
or this one of real people greeting one another in France
Ask the children to practise the sounds j and u. Encourage them to look at your mouth, especially when modelling u.
A trick to propounce French 'u' sound in 'salut':
Put finger in mouth & suck; remove finger but keep lips pursed in a tight '0' shape; without moving lips, try to say the sound 'ee'...
Introduce the question Ça va? (How are you?) and hold up your thumb or draw a smiley face on the board to illustrate the reply Ça va bien et toi? (I’m fine and you?).
Try this song clip from BBC Schools http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryfrench/hello/song.shtml
Practise saying this around the class. Encourage children to go around the room, greeting each other and asking how they are.

At the end of the session, wave goodbye and say Au revoir.
Extension: What do the children know about France?
  • Try out the Google map activity
  • or brainstorm everything they can think of to do with France.
  • Is everything accurate? How could they check?
  • What would the class like to find out more about?
Explore Google map of France