Unit 1 Lesson 3 Names question.jpg
Show video clip of children greeting each other and introducing themselves.
Can they remember any of the names they heard? Were any of the names similar/different to ones they know?
Did they hear any names with the sounds j, on or u?
Newbury Park School French clip
Write a few of the French names on the board as you pronounce them.
Invite children to the board. Say one of the names and ask them to point to the one that you have said.
French names

Share either your own name or the name of a member of your family.

Replay the DVD clip from Section 1 to revise Je m’appelle (I am called).
BBC Schools Primary French
or try this Karaoke from Languagenuts http://www.languagenut.com/en/trynow/#/fr/unit1/song
Ask the question Comment tu t’appelles? around the room, so that children can respond individually.
You can pass a ball or soft object around the room as you speak to signal whose turn it is.
Focus on the j sound and remind the children of the same sound in bonjour.

If feeling confident - introduce the alphabet in French so that you can spell names in future lessons.

Finish the session by waving and saying Au revoir (Goodbye).