Unit 2 Lesson 2 Plurals & numbers farmicon.png

Revise numbers 1–10 through games, songs & activities such as asking children to make their whole body into the shape of a given number (see Unit 1 Lesson 5 for more ideas).
numbers pairs game
Recap the character words (eg fermier) from the previous session.
See the Staffs website where there are lots more resources for this unit
Teach Combien de …? (How many ...?) and combine numbers with characters, eg deux chats.
Highlight the pronunciation of plural words and compare with English.

In small groups, children arrange digit cards (1–9) in a 3x3 grid on the floor. The first child jumps to a number and calls it out (then moves away). The second child jumps onto the first number and calls it out, then jumps to another number and calls it out. The game continues with other children in the group following the sequence and adding their own numbers.
Numbers 0-10 flashcards.pdf
Extension: Children read and sequence numbers.
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