Unit 2 Lesson 3 Playing games card_gamesicon.png

Revise numbers 1–10 using games, songs and activities from previous sessions.
Numbers 0-10 flashcards.pdf
Ask children to talk about counting-out rhymes that they know and use in the playground. Invite a group of children to the front of the class and say the following rhyme (about counting geese) as you count around the group: une oie, deux oies, trois oies, quatre oies, cinq oies, six oies, sept oies (sept oies is pronounced like c'est toi - it's you) On the seventh point to the child and say C’est toi!
The chant is also in the book (and CD) Un, deux, trois:First French Rhymes by Opal Dunn

Practise the sound oi and ask the children if they know a number containing that sound (trois). Emphasise the difference in sound between toi and trois. Ask the children if they can hear the difference.

Practise the oie (goose goose) rhyme as a class and in small groups.
..or try this similar rhyme Un éléphant se balançait.. from Mama Lisa's World
Ask children to demonstrate clapping games they have played in the playground.
Do they think children around the world play similar games?

To demonstrate here is a YouTube clip of Masai children playing a clapping game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFxw2iJWhCA&feature=related
http://www.webalain.ch/jeux/ is a French website with instructions for lots of games

or try these from Barton Court Primary
Show a simple clapping game with numbers to 10 in French and teach it to the class. In pairs, children create their own clapping games and perform