Unit 2 Lesson 4 Instructions to play more games conkersikon.gif, including conkers.
Invite children to listen as you give simple instructions in French for making a game of Conkers, using real conkers or modelling clay.

madamec's IWB notebook resource
Mime the verbs: you say some verbs and the children mime them, then the children give a verb and you or a child mime it.

Focus on the sound é/er/ez.

Play Jacques a dit (Simon says) to practise instructions. Try Jacques a dit 'levez vous' (Simon says stand up), asseyez vous (sit down), regardez le tableau (look at the board), ouvrez vos livres (open your books), fermez vos livres (close your books)..

Here is a link to download an excellent ppt to introduce classroom instructions from TES resources
Read the whole set of instructions (full sentences) and ask the children to stand up and sit down every time they hear the sound é (ez/er). What do they notice about the final sound?
Classroom instructions game from Bonjour les amis (with lots of -ez endings)

More classroom instructions & praise words from http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools
Using real conkers or modelling clay, children follow your instructions and make a conker on a string.

Give children a set of written instructions for making the game into the correct sequence. Some might prefer to match the picture cards with the instructions for making the Conkers game.

This file also has pictures to match to the instructions.