Unit 2 Lesson 6 More Playground Games PlayGround.gif
Practise counting from 1–20. Play Montrez-moi (Show Me) with digit cards.
As in teacher says 'montrez-moi six' and class hold up 6 on a mini-whiteboard..extend to 'montrez-moi deux plus deux' (they write 4)
Introduce the names of popular playground games such as
  • le football (football),
  • le saut à la corde (skipping),
  • Cache-cache (Hide and Seek),
  • le Scoubidou (Scoubidou)
  • or Chat Perché (Tag) through mimes or flashcards.
Watch the starter activity from http://www.teachers.tv/videos/playground-games-let-go-pocket-money
Model Je préfère … le football (I prefer … football) and invite children to repeat. Practise with other playground games.

Write Je pré ... on the board. Can the children complete the word?

Ask differentiated questions to ascertain children’s favourite playground game: Qui préfère …? Tu préfères le Cache-cache ou le football? Quel est ton jeu préféré? (Who prefers …? Do you prefer Hide and Seek or football? What is your favourite game?) Keep a tally of children’s preferences and count the results in French.
From children not ready to give a verbal response, accept miming or miniwhiteboard response.
Reinforce sound and spelling links by showing the written words for the playground games as you say them.
Give individual text cards to children needing extra support.
Children draw or label a picture to illustrate their favourite playground game and copy-write Je préfère le football, etc
More resources can be downloaded from TES resources http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/playground-games-3013211/
Extension: Children take part in a survey about their favourite playground game and create a bar chart of the results. Ask them questions about the survey, eg Combien d’enfants préfèrent le football? (How many children prefer football?)