Unit 3 Lesson 1 Freetime leisure_icon.jpg

Discuss with the children in English what activities they are able to do and feel they are good at, both in and out of school.

In French, introduce some activities that you are good at, using picture flashcards;
  • Je nage/lis/danse/chante bien (I’m good at swimming/reading/dancing/singing)
  • je joue bien au football (I’m good at playing football).


Say the phrases again and invite children to make up an action for the verbs. Then children repeat after you, with actions. Ask individual children to perform the action when you say the sentence.
There are more resources on the Staffs website
Teach the class some praise words, eg;
  • bravo,
  • super,
  • chouette,
  • fantastique!
to congratulate children on their mimes.
Chouette pronounciation & meaning

Praise stickers to print (editable)

Introduce the question for individual children:
Tu nages bien? (Are you good at swimming?) to elicit oui
Repeat with other verbs.
Children then extend their answers to Oui, je nage bien.

Model the sentence Je nage très bien (I’m very good at swimming) with a thumbs-up gesture and ask children to guess what you are saying. Repeat with other verbs and encourage children to join in.

Extension: Introduce the negative response by modelling Non, pas du tout. (No, not at all).