Unit 3 Lesson 4 Party Invites partyinviteicon.jpg

Revise the verbs introduced so far, with a flashcard game.
For further consolidation, play Loto (Bingo).

Practise pronunciation of the j sound. Extension: Children use bilingual dictionaries to make word banks of words beginning with j
the j sound
Explain that children will be creating a party invitation.
• Using a writing frame on the interactive whiteboard, model how to complete the invitation. Ask children to copy-write J’ai 8 ans for the front of the invitation and also the date of the party. They can add in their name.
Here are two word template invitations that need dates and names to be added by the children:

(found by Sarah Ferretti on the Enchanted Learning site)
Extension: Using the picture flashcards of verbs as prompts, see how many sentences such as Je danse bien (I’m good at dancing) some children can write from memory. Children may also use a whiteboard screen to drag pictures into a grid and read out the sentences they have constructed.

Wordle activity