Unit 4 Lesson 6 Self Portraits picasso17SelfPortrait1907.jpg

• Play Chinese Whispers to build a portrait. Organise children into lines, in teams of about six. Give the last child in each team the first sentence of a written description of a facial feature, face down, eg Il a les cheveux bruns (He has brown hair). On a given signal, the children turn over their phrase and whisper it to the next child in line. The phrase is passed along the team to the child at the front, who then selects the correct picture and sticks it on the board. The game continues until the portrait is complete.
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Model writing your description as you say it aloud, eg Bonjour, je m’appelle … J’ai les cheveux bruns (Hello, I am called ... I have brown hair).

Ask the children to suggest a new hair colour. Turn to a black-and-white copy of your digital portrait and, using the interactive whiteboard or felt tip pens, colour the hair and write the appropriate sentence. The children continue to suggest alternative colours for eyes and mouth.

Children use the model to create colourful self-portraits using black-and-white A4 copies of their digital portraits. Using a phrase bank, children copy-write simple descriptions of themselves. Some children may benefit from a personal vocabulary bank to cut up and stick onto their portrait.

Extension: Some children can experiment with writing from memory the vocabulary for facial features.