Unit 6 Lesson 2 Plant Life icon-seedling.png

Ask children to recall the names of vegetables and label each one.
Give six children a vegetable label each and ask them to stand in a line, in alphabetical order according to the names of the vegetables, and read the labels aloud.

Show children a bean seed and identify which vegetable it came from, ask: Voici une graine. Explain that it is a seed. C’est la graine d’une tomate/d’un concombre/du cresson? until the seed has been correctly identified.

Ask children in English what they know about the life cycle of a plant. Using pictures, describe in French the different stages (see ‘Points to note’).
• Model this again, performing a mime or gesture to illustrate each stage. Children repeat the words and the mime. This can be repeated several times. Encourage more reluctant children with plenty of eye contact.

The life cycle of a plant, simplified and read in french on a powerpoint.
Adapted from an original on the Staffs website
Give each child a picture of one of the eight stages. Call out each stage in order and ask children to arrange themselves in groups accordingly. Repeat with different groups of children. When the children are ready to move on, call out the stages in random order to encourage children to listen carefully.

Focus on the sound è as in très. Read out a list of words such as graine, racine, fleur, Ask the children to listen for the sound è and to make a gesture (such as a downward slash through the air) when they hear the sound.
the //è// / ai sound
Show the written form of the words containing the è sound and include j’aime and très What do the children notice? Can they work out the two ways of writing the è sound è and ai?

Extension: Create a labelled display of a wider selection of fruit, vegetables and their seeds.